Youth and Truth Sadhguru Book PDF Free Download

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Youth and Truth Sadhguru PDF-Are you searching for Youth and Truth Book for free download. So in this post, we are going to discuss about the newly released book Youth and Truth Book written by Sadhguru. So let’s get some details about this book.

Youth and Truth Sadhguru Book
Youth and Truth Sadhguru Book

Youth and Truth Sadhguru Book PDF Details

NameYouth and Truth
PublisherHarpercollins India
Youth and Truth Sadhguru Book PDF Details

Youth and Truth Sadhguru Book PDF Summary

When millennials meet a mystic, what happens? An onslaught of questions and frank responses. Sadhguru answers questions from university students that are quirky, personal, insightful, and surprisingly daring in this collection of five presentations from Youth and Truth events.

youth and truth sadhguru book pdf
youth and truth sadhguru book pdf

They travel through a mind-boggling spectrum of topics, including romance and sexuality, loneliness and jealousy, parenting and education, career and business, politics and spirituality, artificial intelligence, racism, drugs, food, Yogic sciences, and god-making, in a camaraderie that spans generations.

youth and truth sadhguru book pdf
youth and truth sadhguru book

The mood of the discussions is equally diverse, ranging from levity and humor to times of speechlessness, dawning insight, and paradigm shifts, all filled with the fizzing energy of youth.

youth and truth sadhguru book pdf
youth and truth sadhguru book download

Some Excerpts From The Book Youth and Truth PDF

Let’s say you want mangoes in your house -you don’t have to think of mangoes .You have to think of soil, manure, water, sunlight. None of them look or tatse like mangoes.But if you take care of those things ,mangoes wil come.

Suppose you have a strong desire for mangoes ,but you did nothing about growing a mango tree in our house : you will never want to steal them from him(pointing to Pranit) if he has them .Yes or No?

Every year ,we have a business event in the month of November .All the top business leaders have been there. Two hundred CEOs come every year to train with us for four days . So last year ,one of them ,who is running a major multinational company ,was asking me ,”Sadhguru ,we pick the best from the IITs and the IIMs ,and we keep paying them more .But when I look at your organisation,you pay nothing to any of them ,and it seems to function many times better than our corporation.What is the secret?”

I said, “See, this is all it is – we are devoted to the process; we are not concerned about the goal.” We are absolutely devoted to the process. Because if you do not do what you’re doing right now well, your goal is just going to be a fancy desire, isn’t it?

Audience: Yes.

Sadhguru: I would tell the young people, “Don’t set a goal.” If you have absolute devotion to what you’re doing right now, depending upon the times and the opportunities, you will go as far as you go. But if you’re always concerned about …….

THOSE WHO LIVE AND WORK closely with Sadhguru are no stranger to his unpredictable and unconventional ways. Yet, sometimes, his chameleon-like ability to adapt to situations and his visionary ability to alter situations are astonishing to witness. YOUTH AND TRUTH Book PDF To be fair, before the Youth and Truth movement, Sadhguru gave us volunteers at the Isha Yoga Center a heads-up – that we would be seeing him in a very different avatar.

We also had to rejig ourselves to be in sync with this avatar and the youth he was reaching out to. Sadhguru began undergoing visible changes. He was riding his motorcycle more, and wearing a T-shirt and denims. His choice of words and style of communication were becoming more informal and wittier than usual.

Despite his white beard, he seemed to embody a youth. In fact, he exemplified what he had said before: that “youth” need not necessarily be linked with age, that youthfulness is very much in one’s outlook – in not jumping to conclusions but willing to look at life fresh all the time.

This movement was as much for the “youthful” as it was for the “youth”. To gear up and breathe life into this new movement, the various departments at Isha Foundation had to undergo a dramatic transformation and exhibit their youthfulness.

It was as if our daily Yogic practices, which involved bending and twisting the body, found a new arena – summoning a new flexibility on the mental scape! The Sounds of Isha, accustomed to producing profound devotional songs, found themselves dabbling in the genre of rap music and strumming the electric guitar.

The website team wracked their brains on how to create a “cool” Youth and Truth site. The media team had to move beyond the realm of TV and newspaper and enlist young YouTube stars and Instagram sensations to engage with Sadhguru.

The design team shed the elegant motifs used for Isha’s brochures and began doodling in earnest to make graffiti art.Youth and Truth Book PDF It was in August 2018, at the end of a long conference call, that Sadhguru told the Isha core team, “Get ready.” What followed was a whirlwind month of Youth and Truth events at colleges and universities across India.

Sadhguru was adamant that these be interactive sessions with students, not a monologue by him. It was to be a “gossip”, as captured by the byline of the movement: Exploring truth not with the seriousness of gospel but with the playfulness of gossip. He wanted students to ask him whatever they wanted, not inhibited by pressure or influence from teachers or parents.

Nothing was off limits – from topics that were taboo, politically incorrect or controversial, to matters that were very personal, vulnerable and honest. They were even free to question Sadhguru himself and all that he stands for! And so, in the run-up to the first event, Isha volunteers went all out to let the millennial generation know what was in store for them.

Yoth and Truth Book PDF Free Download Youth saw advertisements of a Ducati-riding Guru, watched their film idols interviewing him, and heard the audacious, grilling questions in the “Poochu Kya?” rap songs on social media. Sadhguru’s tweet only added to the momentum: “Social media is gossip gone global. Let’s raise it to the next level.

When you gossip with a Mystic, your gossip goes cosmic.” Gradually, “Youth and Truth – Unplug with Sadhguru” started buzzing in student groups, generating excitement. But still, students had reservations about what to ask a guru.

Isha volunteers struggled to convince them that Sadhguru was open to taking any kind of question from them. It was only after the video of the first event went viral online that students could fathom how lively and approachable Sadhguru was. They happily let down their guard and brought out their deepest questions.

The festive atmosphere at the events also helped everyone to loosen up. Concerts by pop singers had everyone dancing, and martial arts performances by Isha Samskriti students left one and all in awe. Sadhguru mingled with the youthful audience, taking selfies, or going to play a round of frisbee or football with them.

They discovered in Sadhguru someone they could “unplug” with – who did not conform to established sets of tradition or ideology, who was unprejudiced, all-inclusive. This book is an attempt to provide a glimpse into some of the most insightful conversations from the series of Youth and Truth events of September 2018, as well as later events that took place in India and abroad.

It features the full talks at: Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi; Regional Institute of Education, Demonstration Multipurpose School, Mysuru (Sadhguru’s alma mater); Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; and Columbia Business School, New York. Following each talk is a candid, behind-the-scenes account from students and volunteers.

Youth and Truth demonstrated the power of a question. We hope readers can recognize and celebrate this power in their lives. Questions that have the power to tear down assumptions and allow new perspectives to dawn, to shake societal structures and pave the way for change, to kindle more questions and lead us towards the wonder of discovery, and to nurture empathy, acceptance and bring us together as one.

About the Auhtor :-Sadhguru

Sadhguru is a visionary, mystic, and yogi. Sadhguru’s work has affected the lives of millions throughout the world through his transformational programs, and he has been named one of India’s 50 most influential individuals. Sadhguru had a rare ability to make ancient yogic sciences accessible to modern thinking. His approach is non-belief-based, yet it does offer tried-and-true strategies for self-transformation.

Sadhguru has also launched a number of projects in the areas of social revitalization, education, and environmental protection, through which millions of people have been empowered to overcome poverty, enhance their quality of life, and achieve community-based, long-term development. provides the download links of important books is only to help poor students who can’t afford these books. We do not own all the PDF books available on our website, nor have created and scanned them. If you have any problems related to this article then you can contact us. We will remove it soon.

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