Wild Shores Book Download

Though Detective Karen Eiken Hornby returned to her homeland, the island nation Doggerland, from London some years ago, she has largely avoided visiting the northernmost island where her father’s wayward family reside.

But when a man’s body is discovered in a flooded quarry on Noorö and with illness preventing any of her colleagues attending, Karen has no choice but to head north to investigate.

However, with limited resources at her disposal Karen is largely on her own – and she cannot shake the feeling that her relatives, with their somewhat lax approach to the rule of law, could be involved .

Karen Eiken Hornby is back, recovering from the traumatic climax of the first novel in this series, Fatal Isles. But her Christmas leave is interrupted by a murder investigation, taking her to a remote area of the fictional Doggerland islands, somewhere between the UK and Denmark, an area she knows well from childhood.

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