When I Am With You [PDF] Durjoy Dutta

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When I Am With You PDF Download -If you want to download The When I Am With You PDF For Free. You have landed on the correct website, here we have shared When I Am With You Book PDF For free download. This book is written by Durjoy Dutta . Here is some info about this book.

When I am With You PDF

When I Am With You Book PDF Details

NameWhen I Am With You
AuthorDurjoy Dutta
PublisherPenguin eBury Press
FormatPDF, Epub

When I Am With You Book PDF Summary

You can plan everything, but it’s impossible to predict who and when you will fall in love.
At the age of 28, Aishwarya prefers to be a single mother over trusting the “typical” family structure. Her ultimate goal for her new start-up is to change childcare for young working women. She also has a haste to finish everything.

The ambitious and attractive Akshay, who is ideal genetic material, is on her mind, but he isn’t ready to participate in her schemes. Yet.
Dhiren enters the picture, having gained and lost money via cryptocurrencies.

He rents the top level of Aishwarya’s nursery building and, strangely enough, starts working for her. Smriti and Vinny, two of her close pals who are fiercely devoted to her, forewarn her of Dhiren. He and his pal Neeraj are both concealing something, but they don’t know what it is.

Even as everything start to come together, the disaster is actually only getting started. What they don’t want—love—is the only thing that can save them.
The ultimate relationship roller coaster, this book is crazy, quirky, and totally romantic!

About The Author: Durjoy Dutta

DURJOY DATTA was born in New Delhi, and completed a degree in engineering and business management before embarking on a writing career. His first book-Of Course I Love You . . .-was published when he was twenty-one years old and was an instant bestseller.

His successive novels-Now That You’re Rich . . .; She Broke Up, I Didn’t!; Oh Yes, I’m Single!; You Were My Crush . . .; If It’s Not Forever . . .; Till the Last Breath . . .; Someone Like You; Hold My Hand; When Only Love Remains; World’s Best Boyfriend; Our Impossible Love; and The Girl of My Dreams-have also found prominence on various bestseller lists, making him one of the highest-selling authors in India.

Durjoy also has to his credit nine television shows and has written over a thousand episodes for television.


Who is the author of “When I Am With You” book

Durjoy Dutta

How many pages are there in “When I Am With You” book

There are 288 pages in “When I Am With You” book.

How to download “When I Am With You” book

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