Trading Chart Breakout & Candlestick Pattern Study PDF Download

Hello, traders let’s make reading chart pattern’s even easier, we have launched pocket study of trading chart breakout patterns, small pocket size easy to carry book & In this book or you can say pocket diary we have explained almost all breakout patterns with simple & short explanation & with actual images.

now let’s travel anywhere with your pocket study and trade from anywhere anytime Bullish & Bearish Patterns Reversal Chart Pattern Neutral Chart Pattern Continuation Chart Pattern.


Hanging man pattern forms at the end of uptrend, which indicates bearish reversal. body of candle is located at upside and it has long lower shadow which should be doubled the size of body. this candle has no or small upper shadow it indicates simply market may fall after this, this look like hanging man thats why it called hanging man pattern.

This is an epub file. So you will have to install any epub reader app/software on your phone/PC. Or you can convert it online to a pdf file.

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