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The Wisest Owl PDF Download -If you want to download The Wisest Owl PDF For Free. You have landed on the correct website, here we have shared The Wisest Owl PDF For free download. This book is written by Anupam Gupta. . Here is some info about this book.

The Wisest Owl PDF

This book is aimed at the beginner who is wondering whether to seek help in managing his personal finance or he can Do it Himself ( DIY). There are many pointers to learn – Blogs like “ Freefincal” , and “ Subramoney”, Face book Groups like “ Asan Ideas For Wealth” which are worth mentioning.

If you are a DIY investor, you can cross-check your decisions based on the inputs from the 6 planners.

The Wisest Owl Anupam Gupta PDF Details

NameThe Wisest Owl
AuthorAnupam Gupta
PublisherPenguin India
FormatPDF / Epub

The Wisest Owl Anupam Gupta PDF Summary

India is witnessing a major change in the way we look at money. Having reached the middle-income status in a country, a vast section of the youth is now aspiring for higher financial goals.

This large population is breaking away from its parents in almost every way, including financially. But the new generation of Indians entering the workforce demand more knowledge on their investments.

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They constantly grapple with complicated questions surrounding money: What do they do with their money? How do they plan for their future? Most of the time, they get bad advice.

Mutual funds have not really delivered meaningful returns, stock selection is extremely complicated, and sophisticated investments like PMSs, AIFs, etc., are only for the wealthy.

This book tries to help these young investors by offering them a framework they can use to create wealth in the long run. Using the wisdom and experience of India’s top personal finance professionals, the book answers critical questions, such as: Should I rent a house or buy a house? Passive investing versus active investing? Stocks versus mutual funds? Debt funds or FDs? And finally – crypto or no crypto?

This book has six chapters on different perspectives about economy, stock market, FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and planning checklists. However, the USP of the book is interaction with famous six RIAs chosen by the author and his team based on their filter criteria.

As it was done in famous “Market Wizard” book, almost same questions were asked to all of them. For many of you, most of these questions will sound very common – FD Vs Debt MF, Active or Passive Investment, Real Estate or Equity etc. However, it was nice to have perspective from various reputed RIAs.

The checklists for investment and hiring financial planners discussed in the last chapter is also not unique but for the new young investors those may appear really valuable.

However, Icing on the Cake was author’s interview with few non RIA influencers but very reputed personalities who are working very hard towards imparting financial literacy for the masses and financial planning practitioners/distributors. For e.g. Shri Jauhari Ashal (Admin of the largest financial planning FB group Asan Ideas of Wealth or AIFW), Pattabiraman Murari (Owner of famous personal finance blog and Sadique Neelgund (founder Network FP) who are my favourite personalities in this area. Though they do not qualify as RIAs, their contribution in the area of financial planning/financial literacy is invaluable.

About The Author: Anupam Gupta

The author of Indian Polity, Mr. M. Laxmikanth, has to his credit a degree in Political Science from Osmania University.

He has first-hand experience in teaching aspiring civil servants due to his own IAS coaching academy, Laxmikanth’s IAS. Apart from Indian Polity, the author has also written Governance In India For UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination and Public Administration.

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The Wisest Owl Anupam Gupta Book Online Free Download

If you want to download The Wisest Owl PDF, epub for free, click on the below link, and you will be redirected to the download page, where you can download this book very easily.

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Who is the author of the “The Wisest Owl Anupam Gupta” book

Anupam Gupta is the author of “The Wisest Owl” book.

How many pages are there in the “The Wisest Owl Anupam Gupta” book

There are 208 pages in the “The Wisest Owl ” book

How to download the “The Wisest Owl ” book

Click on the download button, you will be redirected to the download page, where you can download this book very easily.

Conclusion– We hope you have downloaded The Wisest Owl by Anupam Gupta PDF. If you are facing any issues in downloading, let me know in the comment section. provides the download links of important books only to help poor students who can’t afford these books. We do not own all the PDF books available on our website, nor have created and scanned them. If you have any problems related to this article then you can contact us. We will remove it soon.

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