The Winemaker’s Wife Fre Download

The Winemaker’s Wife is by Kristin Harmel. This novel is set during World War II in the Champagne region of France near the city of Reims. Most of it is set on the vineyard of Chauveau.

This book deals with the personal relationships of friends and lovers as well as husbands and wives. It deals with how people were able to protect themselves and their property during the occupation by the Nazis.

The Resistance is definitely working in this area and there were lots of collaborators and traitors. How each person chose which side to be on and whether to be active or not is looked at in detail.

The story is told in two different eras, during the war from 1940-5 and the present 2016.
In May, 1940, Inez Chauveau raced towards the vineyards from Reims. She had news to relay to her husband. She felt he didn’t pay much attention to anything she did or said and that everything she did or said was wrong. This time, she was totally right and the news wasn’t good.

This is an epub file.So you will have to install any epub reader app/sofware in your phone/PC. Or you can convert it online to pdf file.

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