The Tao Of Trading [PDF] By Simon Ree

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The Tao Of Trading PDF Download -If you want to download The Tao Of Trading Simon Ree PDF For Free. You have landed on the correct website; here we have shared The Tao Of Trading PDF For free download. This book is written by Simon Ree. Here is some info about this book.

The Tao Of Trdaing Simon Ree PDF

The Tao Of Trdaing Simon Ree PDF Details

NameThe Tao Of Trading
AuthorSimon Ree
PublisherHoundstooth Press
FormatPDF / Epub

The Tao Of Trading PDF Summary

Stop dreaming of great returns and start achieving them. You know that sticking your money in a bank account or mutual fund won’t get you on the fast lane to prosperity, but you need help figuring out where to turn.

If you’re serious about growing your wealth quickly, you need a book that teaches time-tested strategies that will help to accelerate your wealth creation significantly.

The Tao of Trading is that book. In his twenty-five years as a banker, adviser, and player in the markets, Simon Ree has witnessed firsthand the many hurdles individual investors must overcome to succeed. He wrote this book to put you on the fast track to financial success.
In this book, you’ll learn: How to instantly read market trends so you’re “sailing with the wind at your back.”

The most potent tool in finance for building your wealth AND managing your risk
How to generate consistent cash flow from the stock market.Simple to learn techniques that will have you trading the markets like a pro and much more

This is the resource you need to prosper whether markets are rising, falling…or crashing!
In The Tao of Trading, Simon Ree has managed to address all of the significant issues I’ve had with other trading books while simultaneously backing up and expanding on some of my thoughts and ideas… providing a complete methodology and process map to enable readers to implement his strategy immediately.

Over the years, I have traded equities, indices, forex, and cryptocurrencies, using almost every instrument available (except futures), trialing every timeframe from scalping to ‘investing.’ Overall, I have been successful… I’ve managed to net a profit, but not consistently, and I haven’t significantly increased my net worth in any meaningful way.

This book has provided me with confirmation that options are the best instrument. By trading equities, I can utilize trends while managing my portfolio’s overall risk from
more significant market moves. Additionally, he has filled quite a few small but critical gaps in my knowledge and understanding that I now realize were ‘unknown unknowns.

Another critical element for me was the reassurance that if you need to grow your pot, then it is appropriate to risk more than the commonly cited 1-2% per trade – obviously with careful portfolio management. I also appreciated how he debunked many other frequently heard sound bites that constitute ‘conventional wisdom.

There’s a danger here that I could write War & Peace, so I will draw this to a close by simply saying that this is undoubtedly a transformational book for those with the drive, commitment, and discipline to become a consistent and successful trader.

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About The Author: Simon Ree

SIMON REE has thirty years of experience as an active trader, investor, and financial markets professional. He previously held senior positions with Goldman Sachs in Sydney and Citibank in Singapore before focusing on options trading full-time in 2017.

He has spent over 40,000 hours watching and analyzing markets, and during this time, he “cracked the code” on how to trade safely and profitably.

Today, he’s passionate about teaching others what he’s discovered. In addition to trading, Simon is a certified Jeet Kune Do instructor and a Reiki master. He lives in Singapore.

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Who is the author of the “The Tao Of Trading” book

Simon Ree is the author of “Growth IQ” book.

How many pages are there in the “The Tao Of Trading book

There are 342 pages in the “Growth IQ” book

How to download the “The Tao Of Trading” book

Click on the download button, you will be redirected to the download page, where you can download this book very easily.

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