The Liar’s Crown Book Free Download

THE LIAR’S CROWN is an engrossing YA fantasy adventure. Meren is a twin and a princess, but no one knows she exists. As the second born twin in Aryd, she has been hidden from birth and used as a double for her sister Tabra who will take the throne one day. What Meren dreams about more than anything is having her own life – but this will never be her lot in life.

When her grandmother dies unexpectedly, Tabra is set to rise as queen, and Meren must travel to act as her double in key events. The queens of Aryd have long been under threat from the seemingly immortal king of a neighboring realm, Eidolon, who captures and kills them

. However, with the hidden twin policy, what this means is that there is still a twin to rule, hopefully the first born. When she stands in for her around the coronation, she is kidnapped – exactly what her job is meant to be.

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