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The Judge’s List By John Grisham -Are you searching for The Judge’s List Book for free download. Here in this post we have shared The Judge’s List book in both PDF and Epub Format . You can download it very easily by just clicking on the download button. But before that Let’s get some information about this book.

THE JUDGES LIST by John Grisham pdf epub
The Judge’s List John Grisham Book PDF EPUB

The Judge’s List PDF Epub Book Details

NameThe Judge’s List
AuthorJohn Grisham
The Judge’s List PDF Epub Book Details

The Judge’s List PDF Epub Book Summary

Lacy Stoltz investigated a corrupt judge who was accepting millions in bribes from a criminal gang in The Whistler. She managed to apprehend the culprits, but only after being assaulted and nearly murdered.

She is bored of her work with the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct three years later, and she is ready for a change.

Then she meets a mystery woman who hides behind a series of identities because she is terrified. Jeri Crosby’s father was murdered twenty years prior in an unresolved and cold case.

Jeri, on the other hand, has a suspect with whom she has been infatuated for the past two decades. She has uncovered additional victims along the way.

Suspicions are simple to come by, but proof appears to be a tall order. He’s intelligent, patient, and always one step ahead of the authorities.

He is the most clever serial murderer of them all. He is well-versed in forensic science, police procedure, and, most importantly, the law.

He’s a judge in Florida, and he’s under Lacy’s authority. He has a list of his victims and targets, all of them are unwittingly unlucky enough to have crossed his path and harmed him in some manner.

Lacy must figure out a way to track him down without becoming the next name on his hit list. By far John Grisham’s most shocking and disturbing thriller to date, The Judge’s List.

Some Excerpts From The Book “The Judge’s List”

The call came through the office landline, through a system that was at least twenty years old and had fought off all technological advances. It was taken by a tattooed receptionist named Felicity, a new girl who would be gone before she fully understood the phones.

They were all leaving, it seemed, especially the clerical help. Turnover was ridiculous. Morale was low. The Board on Judicial Conduct had just seen its budget chopped for the fourth straight year by a legislature that hardly knew it existed.

Felicity managed to route the call down the hall to the cluttered desk of Lacy Stoltz. “There’s a call on line three,” she announced. “Who is it?” Lacy asked. “She wouldn’t say.”

There were so many ways to respond. At that moment, though, Lacy was bored, and she did not wish to waste the emotional energy necessary to properly chastise the kid and set her straight. Routines and protocols were crumbling.

Office discipline was waning as BJC spiraled into a leaderless mess. As a veteran, the veteran, it was important to set an example. “Thanks,” she said and punched the blinking light. “Lacy Stoltz.” “Good afternoon, Ms. Stoltz. Do you have a moment?”

Female, educated, no hint of an accent, mid-forties, give or take three years. Lacy always played the voice game. “And to whom do I have the pleasure?” “My name is Margie for now, but I use other ones.” Lacy was amused and almost chuckled. “Well, at least you’re up front
about it. It normally takes me some time to work through the aliases.”

Anonymous callers were routine. People with gripes about judges were always cautious and hesitant to come forward and take on the system. Almost all feared retaliation from the powers on high.

It was almost 4:00 p.m. and there were no other customers drinking coffee at that hour. Margie was at a small table in the rear, to the left. She waved quickly as though someone might notice and she didn’t want to get caught.

Lacy smiled and walked toward her. African American, mid-forties, professional, attractive, educated, slacks and heels and dressed nicer than Lacy, though around BJC these days any and all attire was allowed.

The old boss wanted coats and ties and hated jeans, but he had retired two years ago and took most of the rules with him. Lacy passed the counter where the barista was loafing with both elbows stuck on the Formica, hands cradling her pink phone that had her thoroughly fascinated. She did not look up, never thought about greeting a customer, and Lacy decided to pass on more caffeine anyway.

Without standing, Margie stuck out a hand and said, “Nice to meet you. Would you like some coffee?” Lacy smiled, shook her hand, and sat across the square table. “No thanks. And it’s Margie, right?” “For now.” “Okay, we’re off to a bad start. Why are you using an alias?” “My story will take hours to tell and I’m not sure you want to hear it.” “Then why bother?” “Please, Ms. Stoltz.” “Lacy.” “Please, Lacy.

You have no idea the emotional trauma I’ve been through trying to get to this point in my life. I’m a wreck right now, okay?” She seemed fine, though a bit on edge. Perhaps it was the second latte. Her eyes darted right and left.

They were pretty and surrounded by large purple frames. The lenses were probably not needed. The glasses were part of the outfit, a subtle disguise. Lacy said, “I’m not sure what to say. Why don’t you start talking and maybe we’ll get somewhere?” “I’ve read about you.”

She reached down into a backpack and deftly pulled out a file. “The Indian casino case, not long ago. You caught a judge skimming and put her away. One reporter described it as the largest

About The Author :John Grisham

JOHN GRISHAM is the author of thirty-seven novels, one work of nonfiction, a collection of stories, and seven novels for young readers. provides the download links of important books is only to help poor students who can’t afford these books. We do not own all the PDF books available on our website, nor have created and scanned them. If you have any problems related to this article then you can contact us. We will remove it soon.

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