The First Time Manager by Jim McCormick PDF

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The First Time Manager by Jim McCormik PDF

The First Time Manager by Jim McCormick PDF Summary

The esteemed tome on management and primary reference for those faced with novel responsibilities as a fledgling manager has undergone revision and modernization to confront contemporary management challenges.

The leap from a top-performing employee to a novice manager is far greater than what many may perceive, with an abundance of opportunities to falter at each juncture. Meandering aimlessly through this quagmire is not a feasible option.

Learn to surmount each obstacle with expertise, aided by the lucid and straightforward advice of the “First-Time Manager.” For almost forty years, this esteemed guide has assisted greenhorns in acquainting themselves with the granular intricacies of managing personnel.

Conducting meetings, recruiting personnel, inspiring and motivating others, listening attentively, remaining composed under duress, defeating opposition – myriad competencies are rigorously expounded upon, with candid explanations of what to anticipate and how to excel.

Illustrative examples and actionable steps supplement these lessons. In addition, the seventh edition introduces novel knowledge to facilitate cross-generational management, leveraging online performance appraisal tools, persuasive storytelling, supervising remote personnel, fostering a team’s synergy, adjusting to a superior’s style, and much more.

A sought-after promotion may transmute into a baptism of fire for one with little prior experience or training. Nobody yearns for that. Therefore, rely on this tome that countless others have depended on to begin with a running start.

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