The Art Of Focus By Gauranga Das [PDF] Free

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The Art Of Focus By Gauranga Das Book PDF-In this post we are going to share the newly released book The Art of Focus: 45 Stories to Uplift the Mind and Transform the Heart Book PDF by Gauranga Das Ji. You can download it by just clicking on the download link. But before that let’s get some information about this book.

The Art Of Focus Book PDF

The Art Of Focus Gauranga Das PDF Details

NameThe Art of Focus: 45 Stories to
Uplift the Mind and Transform the Heart
AuthorGauranga Das Ji
CategorySelf Help
PublisherPenguin Ananda

The Art Of Focus Book PDF Summary

In this age of the internet and social media, the focus is a precious commodity to possess. People who can get away from the clutter of the mind and can focus on their priorities will be the ones to succeed in life. The Art of Focus will help all its readers to move towards that goal.

More than all recent events combined, the COVID-19 epidemic has changed the world we live in. The pandemic has caused people to rethink their preconceptions, reevaluate their priorities, and modify their lives to the new normal of the twenty-first century. Focus emerges as the fulcrum to help ease this transformation as we take stock of life ahead, beyond this juncture of change.

The Art of Focus Book PDF, the second book in this three-part series, presents forty-five simple stories filled with revelations to enthrall readers with learnings from the experiences of the protagonists and the dynamics of the situations that manifested in their lives. The first book in the series, The Art of Resilience, presented ingredients to the readers to help them develop resilience in challenging situations that manifested at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Art of Focus Book PDF expands on the first book by encouraging the resilient heart to cultivate a focused mind. This comprehensive presentation will better prepare readers to take control of their lives and effectively adapt to the new normal.

The Art Of Focus Book PDF Gauranga Das Free Download

Here we have provided The Art of Focus: 45 Stories to Uplift the Mind and Transform the Heart Book PDF for free download. Just click on the link you will be redirected to the download page where you can download The Art Of Focus Book PDF easily.

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About the Author: Gauranga Das Ji

Gauranga Das is a leadership and mindfulness coach based in Mumbai. A graduate from IIT Bombay, he found his calling to become a monk. A member of the Governing Body Commission at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), he is actively involved in enhancing leadership effectiveness and governance of temples and communities globally.

He is dedicated to helping people transform their hearts, establish sustainable and spiritual communities, and drive a positive change in society. A multifaceted spiritualist on a mission to create a value-based society, he is a mindful meditation expert, strategic character educationist, sustainability and climate change warrior, and social welfare catalyst.

Conclusion– We hope you have downloaded The Art Of Focus Gauranga Das Ji Book PDF. If you are facing any issues in downloading, let me know in the comment section. provides the download links of important books is only to help poor students who can’t afford these books. We do not own all the PDF books available on our website, nor have created and scanned them. If you have any problems related to this article then you can contact us. We will remove it soon.

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