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“I would rather have three days with you, even if it’s in secret. Even if it ends.”

Neither of them have forgotten the one forbidden night that could have cost them everything. Now, 37-year old Owen and 22-year-old Cassidy must confront the thing they’ve been trying so hard to avoid the past two years.

Senator Owen Blaze may be known to the world as the rising star of his party and one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, but that will never be how tech heiress Cassidy Sloane sees him. To Cass, Owen has always just been her much older brother’s best friend and the off-limits man of her dreams.

At least, that’s all he was—until one fateful night two years ago when those limits were tested and everything between them changed. They have spent the last two years regretting that moment and avoiding each other at all costs, knowing the secret they carry between them could destroy both their lives.

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