Reverse Mentoring Book PDF Patrice Gordon

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Reverse Mentoring Book PDF Download– In this post, we have shared the”Reverse Mentoring” book PDF for free download. This book is written by Patrice Gordon. This is a must-read book for anyone truly serious about building inclusive workplaces and ensuring greater connectivity with your people and broader stakeholders.

Reverse Mentoring Book PDF Patrice Gordon

Reverse Mentoring Book PDF Overview

TitleReverse Mentoring
AuthorPatrice Gordon
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Reverse Mentoring Book PDF Summary

In the Reverse Mentorship program developed by Patrice Gordon, a renowned executive coach and personal development advocate, senior leaders are encouraged to learn from junior employees in order to create a safe and engaging workplace culture.

Unlike typical mentoring programs where a senior manager teaches a junior employee, Reverse Mentoring works the other way around.

It focuses on leaders embracing their vulnerability, building relationships with underrepresented employees, and amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals within the company.

Reverse Mentoring offers valuable tips for making this type of mentorship work. Gordon emphasizes how uncomfortable and awkward moments can be pivotal in transforming people’s perspectives, forcing them to reflect and reassess their assumptions and past behaviors that may not align with the issue at hand.

Ultimately, she demonstrates how infusing more humanity into our organizations can lead to a radically new way of seeing one another and ourselves.

Holly Branson, Chief Purpose and Vision Officer of Virgin Group, praises Gordon’s passion for a world where all businesses are 100% diverse, inclusive, and equitable in the foreword of the book.

Branson expresses her excitement about the future and the potential impact of Gordon’s Reverse Mentorship program if all businesses embrace this approach.

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