Ponniyin Selvan Fresh Flood 1 Book PDF Free Download

Ponniyin Selvan is Kalki R Krishnamurthy’s magnum opus, set in 10th century Tamil Nadu, exploring the early life of Emperor Rajaraja the 1st.

It might have been written more than 60 years ago, but this saga is timeless, reeling readers with a gripping plot that is interwoven with intrigue, conspiracies, mystery, romance and adventure.

Fresh Floods is Book 1 of a total of five volumes. Who is the rightful heir to the ancient Chozha throne? Will Madhuranthakar?son of the eldest son?or Aditha Karikalan?the grandson of the younger?wear the crown? And will justice prevail in this struggle for power?

This is an epub file. So you will have to install any epub reader app/software on your phone/PC. Or you can convert it online to a pdf file.

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