Our Book Of Awesome PDF By Neil Pasricha

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In this post, we have shared Our Book Of Awesome book PDF written by Neil Pasricha. This is one of the best books written by Neil. If you want to read it download it from the below link.

Our Book Of Awesome PDF By Neil Pasricha

Our Book Of Awesome PDF Summary

In a world that is often overwhelming, it’s time to return to the simple things, the AWESOME things, all around us…if only we take a moment to see them:

  • Carrying the ice cube tray from the sink to the freezer without spilling
  • Finally unsubscribing from that annoying email you’ve been getting forever
  • Seeing your parents dance
  • Adding a gift note to yourself on your online order
  • Sending a private message during the video conference and then seeing your coworker look down and silently smirk
  • When your kids don’t hear you opening a bag of potato chips
  • When the hand sanitizer isn’t that extra slippery kind that never dries
  • Texting your husband to do something when he’s upstairs and you’re downstairs
  • When the cake plops flawlessly out of the pan

These are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of things you’ll find in this new volume. You’ll also find comments, letters, and submissions from the AWESOME community around the world, leading to a final cacophony of awesome, by all of us, for all of us.

Our Book of Awesome is an injection of joy, a heartfelt gift, and a smacking high five for humanity. Please read it to be reminded of the endless AWESOME things that give laughter and happiness to our beautiful and brief lives.

Our Book of Awesome PDF Download

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