Math Formula Sheet by Shobit Nirwan Class 10 | Shobit Niwan Math Formula Cheatsheet

So Hi guys! If you are searching for Shobit Nirwan Math Formula Sheet for class 10. You can download Math Formula Sheet Made by Shobit Nirwan. This Formula sheet is specially made for class 10 students.

So If you are a class 10 student, and searching for Mathematics Formula sheet pdf, it is one of the best formula sheets.

Math formula sheet class 10 shobit nirwan

So, Here is the formula sheet of Math for class 10 which is provided by Shobhit Nirwan on his Youtube channel. This Formula sheet contains Chapter-wise formulas for class 10.

Shobit Nirwan Mathematics Formula Sheet Class 10

This formula sheet contains chapter-wise formulas for class 10. The following chapters are covered in this formula sheet.

Chapter-1Real Numbers
Chapter-2 Polynomials
Chapter-3Linear Equation in Two Variables
Chapter-4Quadratic Equations
Chapter-5 Arithmetic Progression
Chapter-6 Triangles
Chapter-7Co-ordinate Geometry
Chapter-8 Introduction To Trigonometry
Chapter-9Some Applications of Trigonometry
Chapter-11 Circles
Chapter-12 Area Related to Circles
Chapter-13 Surface area and Volume
Chapter-14 Statistics

Shobit Nirwan Math Formula Sheet PDF Details

NameFormula sheet clas10.pdf
Size12 MB
Made byShobit Nirwan

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