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Executives in today’s world are aware of the changing business environment, and the rate of change is increasing, driven by such factors as the exponential growth and global availability of information, technologies, technology-based infrastructure, and the expanding global marketplace these factors facilitate.

Managing Change In Organisation A Practical Guide PDF Summary

Executives appreciate how important it is to have clear and powerful strategies to guide their organizational development, including a means of executing those strategies reliably and effectively.

Executing strategy well requires the successful delivery of change programs: programs to improve performance and implement innovations. Such programs, however, have typically not been executed well.

An article in Harvard Business Review noted that the performance improvement efforts of many companies have little impact on operational and financial results Experience in the last two decades has demonstrated that it doesn’t have to be that way, and both the project management community and the change management community have devoted considerable efforts to addressing this issue.

For example, PMI’s 2012 Pulse of the ProfessionTM In-Depth Report: Organizational Agility [2] concluded organizations achieving higher-than-average success rates from their portfolio of programs and projects have not only increased their use of standardized portfolio, program, and project practices, but have adopted, among other things, rigorous change management to better adapt to shifting market conditions.

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