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India That is Bharat PDF Free Download – If you are searching for India That is Bharat Book Free Download in PDF . Then you have landed on the correct website. Here in this post, we have shared India That is Bharat Book For free download in PDF. You can download it by just clicking on the download link. This book is written by J Sai Deepak and publisher of this book is Bloomsbury India.

India That Is Bharat Book PDF
India That Is Bharat Book PDF

India That is Bharat Book PDF Details

NameIndia That Is Bharat
AuthorJ Sai Deepak
PublisherBloomsbury India
India That is Bharat Book PDF Details

India That Is Bharat Book PDF Summary

India, That Is Bharat, the first book of a comprehensive trilogy, explores the influence of European ‘colonial consciousness’ (or ‘coloniality’), in particular its religious and racial roots, on Bharat as the successor state to the Indic civilisation and the origins of the Indian Constitution. It covers the era from Christopher Columbus’ trip in 1492 and the restructuring of Bharat through a British-made constitution, the Government of India Act of 1919, laying the groundwork for its successors. This includes international events that influenced this voyage, such as the establishment of the League of Nations by Western nations.

Additionally, this book links the origins of ostensibly universal ideas like “tolerance,” “secularism,” and “humanism” to Christian political theology. Their subsequent role in undermining indigenous Indian consciousness through a secularised and universalized Reformation, i.e. constitutionalism, is investigated.

It also introduces the notion of Middle Eastern colonialism, which predates its European counterpart, and associates with it in the context of Bharat in order to push their mutual animosity of the Indic worldview. ‘Decoloniality’ is offered as a civilizational necessity in the areas of nature, religion, culture, history, education, language, and, most importantly, constitutionalism in order to release Bharat’s particular indigeneity.

ussions when the first section of the book, which deals with coloniality, was being written. India, That is Bharat Book Free Download This book, like everything else in life, is not the product of a solo act. The process of writing this book has taught me several life lessons which I hope to never forget. For starters, there is absolutely no substitute for the unconditional love and support of my family, particularly my parents who are my first teachers, and from whom I have learnt the value of integrity and determination, among other things.

Their fortitude and optimism under all circumstances never ceases to amaze me. For close to nine months from October last year, when I started writing the book, until the release of the pre-order link this July, without so much as a murmur, my parents have put up with my unavailability caused by my professional commitments and writing schedule in equal measure.

I thank them for who they are, for this book would not have been possible without their calm presence. Thanks are equally due to my wife Akshara, for her support to my endeavours and unstinting patience with my demanding schedule, and my brilliant younger brother J. Sai Krishna Prasad (better known as JSK), for being a wonderful sounding board.

I could not have been blessed with a better set of parents and family by the Gods. The Gods, at whose feet I prostrate, have put me through an unusual journey, the reasons for which are still beyond my ken and grasp.

Be that as it may, I am nothing but grateful to Them for the family and culture I have been born into, the gurus I have been mentored by and learnt from (especially Shri S. Paranjothi, the former Head of Department of the mechanical engineering department from my engineering days), the friends and well-wishers I am surrounded by, the people I have interacted with, the opportunities that have come my way, and the learning curve I have been put through in all spheres and at every step of my life.

India, That is Bharat Book Free PDF I thank the Gods for this book, my first, which is the product of an epiphany that v my switch to law from engineering, back in 2006, because every decision, according to me, has the hand of the Supreme Consciousness written all over it, which is only revealed in hindsight to the human mind. Special thanks are owed to Dr. Indumathi Viswanathan, Hindu-American scholar and educator, who introduced me to the framework of decoloniality and its literature in April 2020 after hosting me on a webinar on the Constitution for the benefit of Indian Americans.

Terming my legal arguments before the Supreme Court in defence of the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple’s religious practices as ‘decoloniality in action’, she urged me to build on decolonial scholarship when I had shared my intent to pen a book on Bharat’s civilisation and its relationship with the Constitution.

She was also kind enough to be available for extensive and intense discussions when the first section of the book, which deals with coloniality, was being written. India, That is Bharat Book Free PDF Download Thanks are due to Ms Sumita Ambasta, another scholar to whom I was introduced by Dr. Viswanathan. Ms Ambasta directed me to the literature relating to education, language and development policies of former colonies.

While in search of the right publisher for the book, given the nature of issues it addresses and the diverse audience it caters to, it was Shri Sanjay Dixit, former bureaucrat, lawyer and commentator, who put me in touch with Bloomsbury India.

I must convey my thanks to him for the introduction. If the process of writing a book could be compared with a motor rally, the researcher is the navigator without whom the driver could lose focus and direction.

India, That is Bharat Book Free PDF The researcher is the human compass of the writing process, who, apart from providing ammunition for the book, also keeps the author grounded by preventing flights of fancy. Ms Shaktiki Sharma, lawyer and researcher, has performed this role to perfection by grasping the message the book is meant to convey and providing the material needed to convey it.

Her commitment to the cause of the Indic Renaissance was balanced by her objectivity as a researcher, which ensured that the book’s propositions and conclusions found sufficient basis in scholarly literature and legislative material. My profound thanks to her for being part of this journey.

Conclusion– We hope you have downloaded India, That is Bharat Book PDF. If you are facing any issue in downloading, let me know in the comment section. provides the download links of important books is only to help poor students who can’t afford these books. We do not own all the PDF books available on our website, nor have created and scanned them. If you have any problems related to this article then you can contact us. We will remove it soon.

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