Governance In India M Laxmikanth PDF Download

As all of you are aware, the UPSC has changed the pattern and syllabus of the civil services Preliminary Examination this year (2011). In Paper I of the new syllabus, the topic Governance in India has been included as a new area of study.

This book is intended to meet the requirements of the aspirants in this regard. It will also be extremely useful for the Main Examination Paper on General Studies as well as some key optional subjects in the main examination like Public Administration, Political Science, Law, Sociology and Anthropology.

This comprehensive volume will enable the readers to acquire a complete and detailed understanding of the subject. It covers all dimensions of the subject, viz, structure of governance, process of governance, institutions of governance and issues in governance.

My first-hand experience of coaching the candidates for the Civil Services examinations has been a great source of inspiration and has helped me immensely in writing this book. This book has four ingredients: Chapter-wise study material Question banks for all chapters Appendices Practice tests All efforts have been made to make the contents relevant and up-to-date. I welcome all constructive comments and concrete suggestions from the readers of this book

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