Forget Me Not Book Free Download

Two young women windup spending a weekend together after having secretly pined for the other since high school. They hadn’t dared say anything because the relationship was taboo according to “The Girl Code” meaning a best friend’s sister and the sister’s best friend are off limits. Now they awkwardly try to keep up the facade of friendly hostile banter while sneaking glances and wondering how to keep from giving in and wrecking everything.

There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and tension filled tender scenes conflicted with doubts and what ifs as Lyla and Rory try to come to terms with their feelings and the impact on the other important relationships in their lives.

Isabel Hansen, as usual, has written an engaging, plausible and fun story with characters who are believable and likable. If you enjoy well written YA romance then pickup a copy of Forget Me Not. You’ll be delighted you did!

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