The Asylum Confessions: Fairytales Book 5 Book Free Download

They arrive alive. They always leave dead. But first, they give me their confessions. Fairytales. Love them or hate them, they’ve been part of our culture since forever. The best ones aren’t those soft Disney ones retold to help mold the imagination of young children.

The best ones are what inspired the Disney creations and these confessions give those inspirations a run for their money!

You know by now, my name is Jack Steen and for those who arrive on my ‘death’ ward at the Asylum, I’m the last face many will see before they die. I am the night nurse at the Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Most of my patients are serial killers and mass murderers and they know me as the Angel of Death. They give me their confessions in exchange for a pain free death – but there’s a catch. I want the real story, the one they haven’t told anyone else.

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