Don’t Wait Til I Die To Love Me PDF Download

Don’t Wait Til I Die To Love me is a book about life. The author takes his audience on a self-discovery journey. He expresses his deepest feelings and thoughts about love in all dimensions in graphic detail. Tavon believes that readers will develop a new perspective on life while learning to appreciate the small things.

‘Don’t Wait Til I Die To Me’ is a simple title with a subtle meaning that may be applied to a variety of persons. Pieces like “To The Ones Who Hurt Me” and “For The Misunderstood” will strike a chord with those who feel overlooked or unappreciated. Readers will feel regretful towards humanity and Mother Earth after reading pieces like “Dying Mother” and “Five Sense.”

The goal of this book is for each reader to have a better understanding of themselves while on their recovery path. Tavon wishes to reassure his readers that they are not alone. He also hopes that individuals would take a more active role in loving themselves, others, and the environment.

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