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Hi Guys! Welcome back again. Are you searching for Do Epic Shit Book PDF written by Ankur Warikoo? So today in this post we have provided Do Epic Shit Book PDF For Free Download. This is the first book of Ankur Warikoo. This book is published by Juggernaut Publication.

You can download this book in PDF format by clicking on the download button. So before downloading let’s know some details about his First Book ‘Do Epic Shit’.

Do Epic Shit Book PDF Download
Do Epic Shit Book PDF Download

Do Epic Shit Book PDF Summery

In his first book, he puts together his key ideas – from the importance of creating habits as a way to build long-term success to the foundations of money management, from embracing and accepting failure to the real truth about learning empathy.

This is a book to be read, and re-read, a book whose lines you will underline and think about, again and again, a book you will give your family and your friends and strangers. He hopes for this book to become the most gifted book ever!

Do Epic Shit Book PDF Details

Here are some details About the ” Do Epic Shit” Book PDF.

TitleDo Epic Shit
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Do Epic Shit Book PDF Details

Do Epic Shit Book PDF Contents

This book has 5 Chapters. Those are mentioned below-

  • Chapter 1: Success (and failure) – In this Chapter Ankur talks about success definitions, and using failures as an advantage
  • Chapter 2: Habits – In this chapter Ankur talks about small habits for big things and multiple opportunities
  • Chapter 3: Awareness – In this chapter Ankur talks about better choices from a point of awareness
  • Chapter 4: Entrepreneurship – In this chapter Ankur talks about decades of entrepreneurship, reflections and learnings
  • Chapter 5: Money – In this chapter Ankur talks about mistakes, investments, lies, and lessons
  • Chapter 6: Relationships – In this chapter Ankur talks about with others and yourself

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Do Epic Shit Ankur Warikoo PDF Quotes

Here we have collected some beautiful quotes from the Do Epic Shit Book.

Do Epic Shit Ankur Warikoo PDF Quotes
Do Epic Shit Ankur Warikoo PDF Quotes
  • Luck is what eventually happens when your hard work yields results.
  • We have one life but we don’t need to be one person.
  • You are what you do ,not what you say you’ll do .
  • The pro is the one who chose disclipline.
  • A year from now , you will wish you had started Today.
  • Time goes away and leaves us with only of these two things :Regret and Results.

Excerpts From Do Epic Shit Book PDF

Here are some excerpts from Do Epic Shit Book PDF written by Ankur Warikoo.

My relationship with success has been driven largely my relationship with multiple failures. The mistakes that I have committed ‘relentlessly’ over the years. The failures that I sat down with and reflected upon, that made me inch towards success at the most unexpected times.

This part of success isn’t necessarily about prescriptions on how to get successful. It is rather about defining what success really means to you, staying true to that, and then using failures as reflections to create your own success!

Nothing beats the feeling of having done more in twenty-four hours than what the day expected you to! You planned to do five tasks this morning. Ended up doing seven. With more productivity. And far greater energy.

That joy, that emotion, when you’ve exceeded your own self, is true achievement. Breaking your limits without even expecting to is the powerful way to see how much more you are capable of. Others’ success will generate massive self-doubt every morning when you get up. Get up anyway.

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To download Do epic shit book pdf by Ankur Warikoo, click on the download button.You will be redirected to download page ,where you can download it very easily

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About The Author:
Ankur is a digital educator and conducts courses on entrepreneurship, career management, and personal growth. Over 80,000+ students have attended his courses so far. He loves spending time with first-time entrepreneurs hoping he can help them not make the same mistakes he made when we started up.

Besides this, he is a regular public speaker and social media influencer, with 3.8Mn+ followers across Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

So I hope you have downloaded Do Epic Shit Book PDF. If you are facing any problem in downloading Do Epic Shit Book PDF. Let us know in the comment section, we will try to answer you asap. If you like this post ,kindly share it with your friends and family members provides the download links of important books is only to help poor students who can’t afford these books. We do not own all the PDF books available on our website, nor have created and scanned them. If you have any problems related to this article then you can contact us. We will remove it soon..

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  1. Ankur warikoo, you are a fabulous orator and motivator. I am subscriber your youtube channel anhave seen your few videos in YouTube. I would love to read this book” Do Epic Shit”


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