All Downhill With You [PDF] [ePUB] Julie Olivia

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All Downhill With You PDF ePUB Download -If you want to download All Downhill With You Book PDF For Free. You have landed on the correct website, here we have shared All Downhill With You Book PDF For free download. This book is written by Julie Olivia. Here is some info about this book.

All Downhill With You [PDF] [ePUB] Julie Olivia

All Downhill With You Book PDF Details

NameAll Downhill With You
AuthorJulie Olivia
FormatPDF / Epub

All Downhill With You Book PDF Summary

My job is providing happiness and smiles at Honeywood Fun Park, and Emory Dawson is the frown our park didn’t ask for.

When our star roller coaster malfunctions with me on board, the manufacturer’s heir and lead engineer, Emory, vows to renovate the attraction. So instead of having a fun summer season as Marketing Manager for Honeywood, I’m now saddled with playing host.


Emory is the opposite of a good time. He’s the grump that won’t stop grumping, and our arguments escalate quicker than my heart rate after a roller coaster’s fall.

He knows I can see right through his broody gaze and big ideas. Repairing the coaster? More like overhauling his own company’s reputation, regardless of whether it helps our local theme park.

But when our firm handshakes start lingering too long, or when his muscled thighs rest against mine under the table, I’m thrown for a loop.

Most roller coasters are fun, but I’d like to get off this emotional one, please.

All Downhill With You is a stand-alone romantic comedy. This book is an enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine romance with laugh-out-loud theme park moments, a cozy small town, and sizzling spice!

The story follows Lorelei, a woman who loves roller coasters – even though one almost killed her. She’s worked at a theme park for years, and continues to do so even after a mysterious equipment malfunction left her with severe injuries to her hip.

Lorelei is in the middle of a lawsuit against the roller coaster’s manufacturer, and she’s hoping that will give her some answers about what happened. But when the coaster designer himself comes to consult at the park, it stirs up a lot of trouble. Emory is moody, rude, and assumes that Lorelei is just suing him for the money.

The two dislike each other, and spending time together is a surefire way to complicate the lawsuit. But as Emory gets to know Lorelei better, he realizes how much the accident has impacted her life – and Lorelei realizes that Emory just might have a heart buried underneath his rough exterior after all.

I’m new to Olivia’s work, so I had no idea what to expect going in, and I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a light and easy read in a lot of ways, but there’s plenty of depth hidden beneath the surface.

The storyline is also unlike any I’ve read before, which is always a major win for me. Sure, it plays up the tropes and I can tell that future love stories in this series of interconnected standalones will continue to do so, but it also felt fresh and different. The characters were lovable, the situations were understandable, and the friction made for some heat.

It’s actually a little steamy! I loved getting to know Emory better, and there are some swoony moments that really worked. He’s the perfect kind of grump on the outside, with a marshmallow heart on the inside. Paired with the upbeat and resilient Lorelei, he was easy to love.

I also appreciated how Lorelei’s injury was handled, and how there was great representation of her aches and limitations – it’s not glossed over. I’m definitely excited to read more from the series, though I do have concerns about a few of the potential couples (two hoes who are sleeping around while pining after each other, a hero who is emotionally cheating on his girlfriend, etc)

About The Author: Julie Olivia

Julie Olivia writes love stories filled with quippy banter, saucy bedroom scenes, and nose-snort laughs that will give you warm fuzzies in your soul. She is a roller coaster enthusiast, lemon-filled donut lover, and avid reader.

Julie lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband who has a swoon-worthy low voice and their cat, Tina, whose meows are not swoony one bit.

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Who is the author of “All Downhill With You”

Julie Olivia is the author of “All Downhill With You”.

How many pages are there in “All Downhill With You”

There are 354 pages in “All Downhill With You”.

How to download the “All Downhill With You”

Click on the download button, you will be redirected to the download page, where you can download this book very easily.

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