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A Code For Love Bal Khabra PDF ePUB Download -If you want to download A Code For Love Languages Book PDF For Free. You have landed on the correct website, here we have shared A Code For Love Book PDF For free download. This book is written by Bal Khabra. Here is some info about this book.

A Code For Love Bal Khabra PDF ePUB Download

A Code For Love PDF ePUB Details

NameA Code For Love
AuthorBal Khabra
FormatPDF/ Epub

A Code For Love Book PDF ePub Summary

While her parents weren’t home, Sarvenaz Singh did something unforgivable—she got on a plane and flew five thousand miles away—and left behind the remnants of her bitter past.

Now twenty-four, the childhood bedroom and eleven p.m. curfew enforced by her strict Indian parents were not cutting it. After a devastating year, she had broken the shackles and landed a shiny new Software Engineer job in the Big Apple.

However, her handsome yet maddening new neighbour, Jordan Evans, and not as advertised job has her regretting the impulsive move. With limited options and her savings dwindling in the rat-infested New York sewer, she’s one wrong move away from having to take the next flight back home.

The devil himself, Jordan Evans, seems to be finding her predicament quite amusing. Soon enough, they are left irritated when the proximity they’ve been trying so hard to avoid has cornered them both.

Returning home as a failure meant endless lectures and stepping back into the ashes of her past. Staying in the crumbling reality of her new life meant having her ludicrous thoughts about her irritating new neighbour play on loop and having to scour the streets for a cardboard box she could call home. How will Sarvenaz survive in this new city?

Despite the raging headache from my late-night adventures, I woke up bright and early. My car would arrive by the end of the week, so I relied on the subway to get me to work. After getting lost more times than I would ever admit, I recognized the building I had seen on my Maps app.

It was a few decades older than the pictures they had online.
I stepped into the creaky building that looked ready to sink along with its crumbling foundation. Dodging the questionable stains at the entrance, I pushed open the heavy door. The screech was deafening, apparently only to my ears because the people in the lobby continued as if they heard nothing.

Soothing down my silk blouse, I noticed I was completely overdressed. My blush pink ensemble swam brightly in a sea of boring beige. Clearly, everyone but me had received the dress code memo. The receptionist eyed my outfit before handing me a key and pointing to the elevator.

Ignoring the dated setup of the building, I made my way up to the third floor in the squeaky metal box. There was no way this thing was safe. Squinting at the inspection chart, I assessed the browning paper, curling on the sides and suffering some serious water damage under the plastic cover. The last entry scrawled on the paper was from six years ago.

I was not an elevator inspector, but a six-year miss seemed excessive. I decided to opt for the stairs from now on unless I wanted to add elevator death to my list of fears. Cautiously stepping out, I read the numbers on each door, finding only one of the rooms belonged to Cypher and not the entire floor.

My weak research and the vague employment description didn’t reveal they were located in a decade-old six-hundred square foot workspace. Neither had my new manager, Sylvia, bothered to mention how small this company actually was.

But I shook away the warning signs and decided to keep an open mind. I was blessed and grateful to have landed this job. It didn’t matter how many stains I dodged on the carpeted hallway or how sticky the doorknob was, I would enjoy my time here

About The Author: Bal Khabra

Bal is a Canadian writer, romance enthusiast, and book lover. Before she decided to jump into the romance pool, she spent her time gushing about books on Twitter. When inspiration strikes, she is found filling her notes app with ideas for romance novels.

Although she has completed countless projects from her Psychology degree to her Computer Science endeavours, this was definitely her most exciting one yet. She loves reading about love, watching movies about love, and now, writing about it herself.

There really isn’t much else that gets her heart fluttering the way HEAs do. She fell in love with writing and hopes to continue living out her romance author dreams.

A Code For Love Book Online Free Download

If you want to download A Code For Love PDF, epub for free, A Code For Love book vk click on the below link, you will be redirected to the download page, where you can download this book very easily.

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Who is the author of “A Code For Love”

Bal Khabra is the author of “A Code For Love”.

How many pages are there in “A Code For Love”

There are 380 pages in “A Code For Love”.

How to download “A Code For Love”

Click on the download button, you will be redirected to the download page, where you can download this book very easily.

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