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While her parents weren’t home, Sarvenaz Singh did something unforgivable—she got on a plane and flew five thousand miles away—and left behind the remnants of her bitter past.

Now twenty-four, the childhood bedroom and eleven p.m. curfew enforced by her strict Indian parents were not cutting it. After a devastating year, she had broken the shackles and landed a shiny new Software Engineer job in the Big Apple.

However, her handsome yet maddening new neighbour, Jordan Evans, and not as advertised job has her regretting the impulsive move. With limited options and her savings dwindling in the rat-infested New York sewer, she’s one wrong move away from having to take the next flight back home.

The devil himself, Jordan Evans, seems to be finding her predicament quite amusing. Soon enough, they are left irritated when the proximity they’ve been trying so hard to avoid has cornered them both.

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